How to Write a Sweet Love Note

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How to Write a Sweet Love Note

Love notes can add spice to your relationship by letting your partner or love interest know that they are on your mind. When writing a love note remember to keep it short and simple.    Your Sweet Love Store   A sweet love note should be no more than three sentences long. It should begin with a salutation and end with a sweet memorable close.

Use special names- Do you have a “pet name” or term of endearment for the special person in your life? If not, it’s never too late to use them. Terms like sweetheart, honey, baby, darling and beloved are timeless.

Be descriptive- describe in three sentences or less how your partner makes you feel. Pay your partner a compliment. Let your partner know how you feel about them or let them know how much it means to you to have them in your life. Take this opportunity to say thank you or I miss you. Just express your true feelings.

Hand write the note- be sure the note is written by hand and not typed on the computer. It doesn’t matter if your penmanship is less than great. It’s the thought behind the action that matters.

Choose your stationery carefully- Don’t use a plain sheet of paper or a sticky note if you can help it. Try using things that aren’t traditionally used to write on. Buy some paper coasters with flowers, hearts or ocean scenery on them. Design your own note cards or buy sweet stationary from the store with candy kisses, jelly beans or other symbols on them.

Be creative- Use color markers or color pens to add an additional element to the note. How about using scented pens? or maybe crayons to add a little fun.

Sign off-close the note out with something that they will think about, cherish and remember. You can use something as simple as a single meaningful word or as elaborate as a quote from Shakespeare.

Here is an example of a sweet love note:


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