Best Brands of Kids Bikes – Finding A New Bike For Your Child  

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Best Brands of Kids Bikes – Finding A New Bike For Your Child  

Getting Started

First on the list of kids bikes is the Jamis Laser (boys) or Starlight (for girls). While you have to buy this bike at specialty bike shops, there are plenty of reasons to make a special trip to check this one out. This bike is lightweight as it is made from aluminum, unlike most kids bikes which are made from steel. The seat on these bikes is plush,   so it provides for a comfortable ride. This model also includes a dual braking system, meaning that you can brake using the grip handles or your pedals. These are 20” bikes and are great for children who already know how to ride pretty well.

Kids Love It

Next we have the Strider Prebike. It is great for kids who are learning how to balance. This bike is very lightweight and has adjustable handlebars and a cushioned seat. There are no pedals on this bike, as it is one of many specialized kids bikes that teaches a kid to balance before giving them the pedals as well. The kid propels forward using their feet against the ground. This bike is a very good idea for a child who is too big for training wheels but isn’t quite ready for their own ten speed just yet.

Step it up a Notch

If your kid likes a little more spark to their riding experience, they will love the highly popular Razor Rip Rider 360. This is essentially a big wheeled kids bike for older kids. There is a large front wheel and a set of two wheels that can go any direction in the back. This allows the kid to do drifting, neat tricks, and can hold up to 160 pounds, which means that most kids can use this bike until they are older than most other types of bike. This is also one of the bikes in the specialized kids bikes collection with its unique design and highly sought after flexibility and durability.


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