Outrageous Health and Wellbeing – Better Questions Lead to a Winter Swim – What Else is Possible

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Outrageous Health and Wellbeing – Better Questions Lead to a Winter Swim – What Else is Possible


Finding a new way to view swimming in winter has enabled me to find other ways of looking at many things in my life. It has me focused on asking different questions of myself and being open to the infinite possibilities life holds for outrageous health and wellbeing   santé et bien-être   , happiness, abundance and success.

Are you currently limiting yourself by asking the wrong questions? Why am I so fat, unhappy, broke? Why do these things always happen to me? And on it goes. Have you noticed that you always get an answer? Have you noticed that the answers to these kinds of questions don’t lead you to the outrageous health and wellbeing I am sure you’re looking for, do they?

When you ask yourself these kinds of questions you’ll find the answers will keep you stuck in your current circumstances, the very circumstances you would love to change. Your unconscious mind is a very faithful friend; it will provide you with the answers to any question you ask, so what if you ask some different questions? Your faithful friend will answer those questions too, with a very different result. Let me share a simple example with you and see how you could use this in all kinds of situations to create the outrageous health and wellbeing, success and happiness you desire.

Have you seen or known people who swim all year round and wondered if they were crazy? Or what their motivation was? I would always look at them and ask ‘why on earth would you do that when it’s freezing?’ In summer I love to swim in the ocean, for me swimming in the ocean is part of my practice for outrageous health and wellbeing. The Ocean is my favorite place to be any time of year; it’s one of those things that make my heart sing!

As you can see above I wasn’t even prepared to contemplate swimming in the ocean in winter as an option. However a lovely friend of mine told me she had started taking winter swims, of course I asked her why, was she crazy? What I found was that Shirley was asking a way better question and got a way different result. Her question? ‘What would it take for me to swim in the ocean in winter?’….and of course she found a way.

I decided it was time to ask a different question ‘What would it take for me to swim in the ocean in winter?’ Within in a week guess what – I had taken my first winter dip in the ocean, it was the most amazing experience. I spent the rest of the day feeling so alive it truly did give me a send of outrageous health and wellbeing.

So how did I get from thinking it was crazy to thinking it was something I wanted to experience? Well first I started asking myself a better question. Instead of asking why on earth I would swim in the middle of winter I asked ‘What would it take for me to swim in the ocean in winter? By doing this it made it a possibility and of course I started looking for ways to make it happen.

The next step was I planned to go walking with my friend Shirley and agreed to take my swimmers; in fact I put them on under my walking clothes, so again I was giving myself the message that it was possible. Now at any time I could have pulled out right up until I got in the water and was all wet!

When I got to the beach and looked at the ocean it looked so beautiful and clear, it looked just like the days in summer when I can’t wait to get in the water. We went down onto the beach and stripped down to our swimmers, I walked down to the water’s edge and got that feeling you get when the cold water washes over your feet – just like summer I thought.


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