Windows VPS – Windows Virtual Server And How It Works?

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Windows VPS – Windows Virtual Server And How It Works?


Every business today requires an online presence. In order to fulfill that requirement you will need a perfect hosting solution for Vps Windows yourself that will suit your needs and your budget.

You need to lay down your requirements first as it will help you in selecting the right hosting plan for you. If you have a small business and just want to make a presence online then you can go in for a Shared Hosting plan. This plan is the cheapest and hence also known as Cheap Hosting. In this plan you will be able to find prices for as low as $1 a month on the web. A lot of hosting providers are there who are offering Shared Hosting plans at this price. But here you will not be able to customize your server and have to share it with the others. This sharing of resources though brings down your cost a lot, leaves your server unsecured. But if you have a large number of visitors coming to your website every day then in that case a Shared Hosting solution will not help. You have to think of something better that can handle more website traffic, give you a more customized environment and keep your server secured all the time.

Earlier for these needs only a Dedicated Hosting option was available but it was very expensive. These days an option known as a Virtual Private Server is available which is three times less expensive than a Dedicated Server. A Virtual Server works on the concept of virtualization where a physical server is divided into large number of virtual servers by creating a virtual partition between them. This virtual partition gives each virtual server an identity as well as an operating system of its own. Now this server can become your personal or a private server thereby giving you features of a Dedicated Server at a lesser price.

A VPS is an in between option of Shared Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting. Here you share a server and still have your personal server. So you get everything at the price of Shared Hosting (or a little more than that). A VPS is therefore also known as a Virtual Dedicated Server or a Cheap Dedicated Server. Virtual Private Server is of two types – one based on windows and the other based on Linux. Out of the two a Windows VPS or a Windows Virtual Server is more common because of its ease of use. This concept of virtualization has reduced costs for many. People now have to spend less for getting the same features that a Dedicated Server offers.

A Windows VPS has its own RAM and disk space. You can also increase or decrease it as per your needs. This way you never run out of resources on your Windows Virtual Server.

You get your own operating system. This feature allows you to reboot and update your server any time you want.

Your Windows VPS can handle your website traffic independently.

Your VPS is maintained and updated regularly.

The backups of your Windows Virtual Server would be taken by the hosting company every day. So you will never have to bother about your data.

Also good web hosting companies manage your Virtual Server for you free of cost. So you will not have to employ an expert to manage your server. This also reduces your cost a lot.

You can customize your server and install as many applications and software you want. This way you are in a better control of your server.

The benefits are endless if you look at a Windows VPS or a Windows Virtual Server.   You will also have to make a check on some points before signing up for a plan in Windows VPS. You must check the RAM, CPU, bandwidth and disk space of the server before signing up for one. You have to select the right plan for yourself so that all the needs are met.


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