Radio Maximum: Hit-Parade of the Two Capitals  

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Radio Maximum: Hit-Parade of the Two Capitals  

Radio MAXIMUM – the first Russian-American radio station, founded Westwood One, Harris Corporation, StoryFirst Communications and the newspaper Moscow News. ”

In Moscow began broadcasting Radio MAXIMUM 25 December 1991 on the frequency 103,7 FM.

In 1992, the radio station had a unique news service, “Studio 15”, director and presenter of which was Alexander Abrahimov. Radio MAXIMUM news programs have become the standard     upto 10 maximum   of the “new Russian journalism.”

Winter of 1993 MAXIMUM acquires the status of “radio of the two capitals” – starts broadcasting in St. Petersburg at the frequency 102,8 FM.

In 1994, Radio MAXIMUM goes on round the clock broadcasting. At the end of the year opened Russia’s first morning show, “Runway”, with (“morning larks,” as has since became known as the leading Shaw) become Olga Maximov and Konstantin Mikhailov, whose column “Larks on a Wire” became super popular.

Radio MAXIMUM – the first radio station, the air which in 1995 started counting the twenty most popular, according to the listeners, the songs. Undisputed leader “Hit Parade of the two capitals is Alexander Nuzhdin, with whose voice for 16 years, many associate Radio MAXIMUM.

MAXIMUM style at the time – a modern fashionable western and native rock and dance music.

In 1995, Radio MAXIMUM is the first radio station, decided to hold its own festival «MAXIDROM», gathered on one stage the best rock bands of the time.

MAXIDROM’95 was a huge success. Over the year he was named best musical event and was awarded the National Prize “Ovation”, which once again confirms the correctness of the choice of music format radio station.

In addition, the first large-scale Russian dance festival «MAXIDANCE» was also organized Radio MAXIMUM year later.

Radio MAXIMUM became the owner of numerous prizes and awards: “Ovation” (1996), “Quality Mark” as “Best Radio Station” (1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999), the National Prize. Popov (1998, 1999 and 2000).

Awards received many “best” person. For example, in 1996, Alexander Abrahimov was named best radio broadcaster and was awarded “Seal of Excellence”, and in 1998 he was awarded the prize. Popov.

In 1999 Popov prize for “Best Leading” was Rita Mitrofanov, as well as the prize “Seal of Excellence” – “Best radio broadcaster of the year”.

Alexander Nuzhdin has won the national award in the field of broadcasting “Radiomania” in 2003 and 2005. The best music program in 2003 found it’s project «FM Café”, and in 2005 the award in this nomination was his program “Checked Electronics. In 2007, the award “Radiomania” gets the “Morning Show” Bachinsky and Stillavin.



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