What is a gravity bong and how do you make one?

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A gravity bong, otherwise called a geeb, is a cannabis utilization strategy that utilizes two void plastic jugs to channel smoke through water and drive it into the customer’s lungs. Gravity bongs work by lowering a little container with a bowl of cannabis on top in a bigger jug or basin of water. While lighting the cannabis, gradually draw the container out of the water to load up with smoke from the consuming cannabis. Unscrew the cover, put your mouth over the jug’s opening, and push the container down to let gravity move the cannabis smoke into your lungs. The short answer is yes. The gravity bong power vigorously gathered smoke into your lungs, completely filling them past the normal hit from a line or joint. At the point when you breathe in the substance of the smoky container into your lungs, you are basically taking in the smoke from a whole bowl of cannabis in one go. Consequently, gravity bongs are positively not for weak willed. A reliable strategy for old school cannabis buyers, it conveys an incredible hit of THC that might be a lot for an unpracticed cannabis fledgling.

gravity bong

Notwithstanding, in case you’re searching for a touch of sentimentality and want to get tricky with your cannabis utilization, here’s a helpful manual for making your own gravity bong utilizing a couple of regular family unit objects. (Disclaimer: Breathing in ignitable materials from a plastic smoking gadget might be dangerous to your wellbeing. Continue at your own attentiveness!)


Are gravity bongs worth making or purchasing?


In case you’re new to cannabis or have a low resilience, you likely would prefer not to begin with a gravity bong. In any case, for middle to cutting edge buyers, making a gravity bong is a fun, simple DIY venture that guarantees a quick conveyance of your number one strain. Not the sly kind? You can purchase gravity bongs to add to your assortment of equipment and break one out at whatever point you need a special and powerful smoke meeting.


Are water bottles safe to utilize?


Numerous hand crafted bongs or smoking gadgets are made utilizing single-utilize plastic jugs, which contain PETE or PET (polyethylene terephthalate) that can deliver synthetic substances when warmed (like how the water from a jug that has been left in a hot vehicle can taste odd). You may maneuver these synthetic compounds into your lungs when applying warmth to your gravity bong.


Exploration is as yet being directed on what kind of effect this sort of presentation may have on your wellbeing. Numerous cannabis shoppers want to utilize glass or silicone smoking gadgets and stay away from plastic as a safeguard. In the event that you decide to make natively constructed gravity bongs and other clearing gadgets out of plastic materials, know about the dangers and continue with alert.

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