Tampa Bay Devil Rays! New Look, New Name, Making Some Deals And Possibly A New Field!  

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Tampa Bay Devil Rays! New Look, New Name, Making Some Deals And Possibly A New Field!  

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays (now just the Tampa Bay Rays) ownership are possibly turning the corner with this franchise. I’m a die hard fan of the Rays and throughout their short existence I have pretty much, each season we have started, had come to the  tampa sign company

conclusion it wouldn’t be a good one. Though, the tides may be turning.

The ownership is showing very good signs of doing what it takes to get this team, franchise and fan base out from the basement.

First, there was the announcement of the new uniforms. I personally didn’t think there was a problem with our image. I liked the green. I thought our uniforms were conservative (which most teams uniforms are in Major League Baseball), had decent color scheme which didn’t look like any other team and for some reason, I actually liked the vest style uniforms they often wore. The uniforms obviously weren’t the problem with this team. We all know that but I can see why the ownership would want a change.

I think for one, they want everyone to know, especially the fans here in Tampa that this is a new ownership and a new beginning. I think they want you to see Tampa (well, St. Petersburg which is in the Tampa Bay area) and what the area (and state of Florida, FL.) for that matter is all about when you look at them. Sunshine, water (the bay and beaches) and color, in this case blue which does go well for our area.

I will however miss the green uniforms. There were some good moments and images made with the Rays in those green uniforms, especially this 2007 season, such as Carl Crawford’s natural steal of home base, B.J. Upton’s natural steal of home base, Carlos Pena knocking out 40+ home runs and Scott Kazmir and James Shields pitching as two the top and incredibly hard to hit pitchers the league.

But, I can’t complain. I wanted change with this team like all of us fans here I just didn’t think initially that changing uniforms was the plan. I just wanted them to spend 10-20 million on the bullpen. Heck, we had a ton of talent this year everywhere else especially hitting, in the outfield, major improvements in the infield and with our two top starter pitchers. Little did I know though, the uniform change was just the beginning!

The Tampa Rays ownership and organization then announced plans for the development of a new stadium at the site of Al Lang Field in  as well as the redevelopment of the existing site at Tropicana Field which would become a residential and shopping community further prospering the growth of the  and it’s surrounding communities.

The plan though has not yet been approved but does sound promising as the Rays organization has promised no increased taxes, the payoff of the current, I think 10 or 12 year lease of Tropicana Field and its land by investments and profits from the new development that would go in its place and then additional funds from team itself. Obviously there is a lot more that goes into all that and I don’t know many details but from what I have heard, it sounds like the Tampa Rays ownership has a very good plan and the City of St. Petersburg’s Mayor supports it.

I felt a bit of excitement though when I heard about plans for the new stadium. Tropicana, though not really all that bad of a field, just doesn’t give you the feel of Major League Baseball. I grew up playing 12 years of baseball. I love the game. I love baseball in the outdoors and there is just nothing that compares to watching a ball game in an outdoor stadium. But, I do understand why they chose the dome from the beginning. It gets really friggen hot here in Tampa sometimes and the humidity makes it worse. During baseball season we get a lot of rain as well which obviously could cause problems with ball games that they just don’t have with the Tampa Bay Bucs (due to time of year) or Tampa Bay Lightning (because hockey here must be played indoors). Both of those factors, I’m sure; we’re the main ones in deciding where the Rays would play when they were born.


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